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Mark Abernathy
President, WPR

Western Pacific Research, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Mark Abernathy who is dedicated to electing Republicans to Federal, State and local areas of government. Abernathy has been active for the past twenty-five years in creating, managing andĀ building organizations that promote American values across a broad spectrum of political, community and business endeavor. He is known as a top Republican strategist as well as a national leader in recruiting, teaching and motivating young people in the study of history, politics and free markets.

Mark Abernathy and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger meet in Mark's office shortly after the historic Recall Election which resulted in Schwarzenegger's election as Governor of California.

Mark is also well known as one of the founding members (along with Ted Costa, Shawn SteelĀ and Sal Russo) in the movement to recall then-Governor Gray Davis. He was instrumental in starting, marshalling and managing the forces that brought Davis' failings to the forefront of public politics and promote the introduction of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Republican-of-choice to replace Davis.