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. . .Because Quality Always Wins

The Vision of Western Pacific Research is to bring back the traditional values and morals that America was founded on. We believe that making America great again is the duty of every citizen. Therefore, we have made it our mission to seek out those who share these values and dreams and provide them with a team of knowledgeable professionals with decades of collective experience in public and strategic matters. We engage daily where freedom, liberty, business, government and politics connect.

And We Win.

Political Consulting

Western Pacific Research Inc. is a premier Republican consulting firm that has managed over 400 campaigns in the past 35 years with 97.5% win rate. Under the leadership of our founder, Mark Abernathy, Western Pacific Research Inc. has been successful in a number of high-profile campaigns including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Devin Nunes, State Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblyman Vince Fong, and Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh. and a wealth of other successful races.

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With its long history in the community and an experienced team, Western Pacific Research Inc. has resources and influence to fundraise for political candidates, charities, community groups, and many other opportunities which make a difference.


Have an area of politics you would like to learn more about? Interested in learning how to better use social media to promote your business or campaign? With our network, we can work to offer the expertise needed to help you learn how to more successfully navigate both business and politics.

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Government Relations and Business Consulting

Our experienced staff has the ‘know how’ to work around government bureaucracy to help you or your business achieve success.


The Western Pacific Research Inc.

A key element for WPR's success can be attributed to it's employees. Beginning with WPR's President/ Founder, Mark Abernathy, every member of our staff possesses a combination of skills, experience and knowledge essential to fulfilling the needs of our clients. WPR staff is dedicated to the best interest of our country. This driving force behind the work they do is the main reason why WPR continues to be one of the premier consulting groups for political, community and business organizations in the country today.

Kevin McCarthy .jpg

Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Jean Fuller.jpg

CA State Senator Jean Fuller

Karen Goh Sworn In.jpg

Bakersfield City Mayor Karen Goh





Government Relations

Political Campaigns

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